Gluten-Free Coconut Flour

Remember my Quinoa Flour post? You can take a look at it here. Well guys, it is a favorite of mine. I have only made quinoa pancakes with it. My apologies, they weren't pretty, so I didn't post them. :-) I was not able to tell much difference in the flavor, but in the texture. Alternatives to all-purpose flours are popular with me because of the issues I experience with my digestive system.

Anywho, meet the newest addition: coconut flour. I purchased this 1 pound bag from TJX/HomeGoods for only $4.79. It is an "organic superfood" by Nutiva, which also makes a trusted coconut oil that I use. Here's what Nutiva has to say about their coconut flour.

The benefits of coconut flour are plenty, these are just a few:
  • high in fiber
  • rich in protein
  • good source of manganese, vitamin C and thiamin
  • aids in bone health, thyroid health and healthy skin
Previous posts involving coconuts can be found below:

Creamy & Delicious Flax Milk!

I am admittedly a creature of habit, especially when I find something that not only works, but that I like. Well recently, I decided to experiment with a variety of milks because I have been married to Almond Milk for a few years now. The first post is on Flax Milk, made with flaxseeds. First, I must say that I always read nutrition labels and I am leery of labels with a lot of ingredients. Being that I do not always make my nut milk myself, I do not battle the milk label gods. It must, however, be lactose, gluten and carrageenan free because of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). As you can tell by the photo, the folks at Good Karma met my needs.

Here are some benefits of flaxseeds that I posted in the past. I've always recommended flaxseeds to clients who not only struggle with poor nutrition, but have depressive-like symptoms.

Now onto the taste...this is definitely creamy & delicious! I have fallen in love. Though, I don't plan to cheat on my beloved almond milk, I will most certainly make flax milk apart of my daily intake.

Flaxseed milk isn't so difficult to make. I will make an attempt at making my own in the near future. Have you ever had flax milk? Do share!

Drink well...feel good. :-)

Benefits of Wheatgrass

I've been having a wonderful time working on a project that I hope to share with you in the near future. Part of the experience will cause me to spend a great deal of time on this beautiful farm. Here's a photo of one many wheatgrass pods growing on said farm.

Wheatgrass is small, but mighty. Here's a list of some benefits that come from incorporating wheatgrass into your daily nutrition regime:
  • Detoxifier, rejuvenates the cells, eliminates toxins
  • Encompasses many different enzymes
  • Alkalizes and cleanses the blood
  • Complete protein − 20%
  • Natural energy booster
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunity booster
  • More vitamin C than oranges
  • Twice the amount of vitamin A as carrots
  • Clears skin and reduces body odor
What has your experience been with wheatgrass? Have you ever grown your own pod? I typically juice my wheatgrass, take it as a shot with a slice of orange as a chaser. 

Mental Health Awareness Week: October 5-11, 2014

Did you know that one in four adults living in America experience a mental illness in a given year? That's right...look around you. If there are four or more people, one of them has, has battled or is currently undiagnosed with a mental illness. I think that's what makes me so sick is that we have created a stigma over something that is too common. But I shall not stand on my soapbox and rant on this post. I come to you with greetings and good cheer because I am bringing awareness to something so taboo. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week! I am a avid supporter of NAMI, which stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness. Here is a link from NAMI's website, so you can see how you can take action in the plight. I will be actively engaged in the community this week and may try my best to share mental health posts, as well.
What has your experience been with mental illnesses? I would love to hear your personal stories.


Hello October!

Is it October already?!????? Is anyone else wondering where the year went? Ugh! It feels like a month or so ago when I keyed in my December 2013 blog on Setting Intentions. I have gotten through most of my list and others on the list, I had to take a step back from. It's no secret that I enjoy working, but I am attempting to learn how to have a "work/life" balance.

How do you juggle a busy work schedule and personal time? 

Happy October to you!!